The conference time schedule and detailed program can be found on the Program page.

Participants who have completed the Registration of VRST2022 will be emailed a link to log in to the online platforms Discord. (The subject of the email is “Welcome to ACM VRST 2022!”)
If you have not received it, get in touch with chairs(at) immediately.

At the Discord, participants can access to Zoom links for attending oral presentations (including Paper session, Opening/Closing, Keynotes, Sponsor talk). In addition, participants can communicate with each other via text and audio.

For details on how to use Discord, please see below.

If you have difficulty using these platforms due to disability, please contact Accessibility Chair (accessibility(at)
*Please replace “(at)” with “@” when you send an email.
Please also refer to these sites.
   ZOOM Zoom is for Everyone. Accessibility is at the heart of what we do.

Get set up with Discord

The VRST 2022 will be utilizing Discord as the platform for discussion and communication between participants of the conference.

Discord is an online platform that allows community members to share content and communicate via text chat, voice chat, and video stream.

To access the VRST 2022 Discord server, connect your Discord account to the VRST 2022 server using the invitation URL sent to you by email.

For comprehensive information on how to get started with Discord, please see these guides on Discord’s website. This YouTube video also provides a good introduction to Discord.

The main page of discord

Getting Discord

First, you will download the Discord software. The software is available for multiple platforms and there is also an in-browser version, but we suggest downloading the desktop client for Mac or PC.

Logging in for the first time

Next, you will want to join the VRST 2022 server by simply clicking the invitation link sent to you by email. You will be invited to join the server with a page that prompts you for a username. Choose a username to log in. Alternatively, if you’ve used Discord before, you can log in using that username and password.

Setting up VRST 2022 Discord server for the first time

Once you've joined the server, there are several steps that you'll need to take to get full registered access.

Please set your nickname to be your full name registered for the conference. To do this, right-click on the server icon in the leftmost column, select "Edit Server Profile," and then update your nickname.

Please check your role in Discord. Click on the voice chat channel, such as "#voice," on the left, and you will see your name. You can also check your name by clicking on your name in the member list on the right.
If you have any questions, please post them in the help channel.