Current vrst




Yoshifumi Kitamura, Chair

Tohoku University, Japan

Steven Feine

Steven Feiner

Columbia University, USA

Daniel Thalmann

Daniel Thalmann

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Mark Green

Mark Green

University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

Morten Fjeld

Morten Fjeld

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden


The Steering Committee welcomes proposals for hosting and organizing future VRSTs (http://vrst.acm.org). It is typically held in October or in November, and care should be taken to avoid date conflicts (with regard to the event and submission deadlines) with international conferences or other events such as SIGGRAPH Asia, UIST, ISS, ISMAR, ICAT, and EGVE, that attract a similar audience and overlap regarding topics. VRST is sponsored by ACM SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH. VRST attracts an interdisciplinary audience from HCI and VR, engineering, science, design, psychology, education, medicine, and the arts, and provides a platform for discussion and meeting people. We value diversity and aim to learn from other perspectives. VRST customarilyhas a single presentation track for all oral presentations of papers (full and short) and other presentation categories (typically posters and demos).


Deadline for bids to host VRST 2020: January 31, 2019.
The VRST Steering Committee will then make a decision within approximately within two months. Please email your proposal as a pdf document to steeringcommittee@vrst.hosting.acm.org

  • People involved in the bid and their roles (at minimum, a symposium and papers chair). Please include a short bio for core people and highlight involvement in previous VRSTs and with the VR/HCI community
  • Commitment to publish the proceedings with ACM and to apply for ACM sponsorship (carefully read Conference Planning Guide and Organizer Resources )
  • Likely sponsors and subsidies
  • Budget overview (venue hire, etc.) and anticipated financial model. For this purpose, look at the ACM Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF) requirements and include a sketch of the answers to the main questions, and an idea of how your overall budget will map onto the ACM issues. Note that a Preliminary Approval Form (PAF) is expected to be submitted by 18 months prior to the conference, and the TMRF needs to be approved at least 12 months prior to the conference.
  • Rough idea of likely costs for visitors (estimates only): registration rates for students and non-students (including the dinner)
  • Proposed location, how to reach it and details about a possible venue
  • Potential date(s) for the conference
  • Estimated time for issuing the CFP, submission deadlines and registration deadlines
  • Arguments for why VRST as proposed by you will be attractive to the VR/HCI community (e.g. accessibility, international rotation, location, relation to specific sub-communities, ability to attract both new and 'old' conference visitors)
  • Organizational support at the hosting location
  • Any direction/theme change you would envisage and any new features/tracks you would like to include