Author Registration

"Author" here refers to the author of the Paper or Poster/Demo presentation. At least one person must be registered as an Author for each presentation. If you select Non-member (Author), ACM Member (Author), you will be required to enter a submission-ID.

Non-Author Registration

Attendees who are not authors must also register to access the online platforms for VRST 2021.

Membership Rates

ACM members (including SIGCHI, or SIGGRAPH members) will get a reduced registration rates.

Registration Fees


Early Registration
(On or Before November 16th)

Late Registration
(From November 17th)


JPY 35,000 (≒ $318)

Not Available

ACM Member

JPY 30,000 (≒ $273)

Not Available


JPY 20,000 (≒ $182)

JPY 30,000 (≒ $273)

ACM Member

JPY 15,000 (≒ $136)

JPY 25,000 (≒ $227)


JPY 5,000 (≒ $45)

JPY 10,000 (≒ $91)

The registration fee includes:
Access to the virtual platform, Access to all presentations including Paper Session, Poster/Demo Session, Keynote Speech, and Corporate Exhibition.

We plan to use Discord and as online platforms for the conference. Please be aware that you will need to use your email address provided here to login to these platforms.

Physical Attendance Option

For domestic participants, we are preparing a local venue (Osaka University Hall, Osaka, Japan), in which they can connect to the online venue and also meet in-person with each other.
If you would like to participate at the local venue, click the "Register Now (Residing in Japan)" button to proceed to the registration form and select the additional "Physical Attendance Option."

Physical Attendance Option Fee

JPY 10,000

The optional fee includes:
Use of the venue and Wi-Fi to attend the online conference.
We are also considering conducting some face-to-face demonstrations.
The schedule may change depending on the status of COVID-19 infection.


Registration and payment are to be made online.

  • The fees will automatically change at 00:00 of November 17th, 2021 (Japan standard time).
  • All fees are in Japanese Yen.
  • The registration site is managed by JTB Corp.


In case of cancellation, your registration fee will be refunded after deducting the cancellation fees as shown below. If you cancel Early registration, we will collect Cancellation Fee and refund you after the conference.

Cancellation Fee

Before 23:59 of November 16th, 2021
(Early Registartion)

20% of the registration fee

After 0:00 of November 17,2021
(Late Registration)

100% of the registration fee/No refund

SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Registration Discount

How can I get a discount?

  • All the participants who registered for VRST are eligible to receive the 10% discount in SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 (SA21) registration.
  • You can register for SA21 with a discount fee by entering the discount code.
  • Click on the following link to register SA21 with your Discount Code:
  • You can find a text box for the discount code when you choose a payment method (at the latter part of the registration).

Terms and conditions

  • The registrant’s name and email address must be the same with that of VRST when you register to SA21.
  • The code is valid only when you register ONLINE. This code is invalid onsite.