23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden / November 8-10

Posters and Demos


Studies / Perception

A Comparative Study of 2D and 3D Mobile Keypad User Interaction Preferences in Virtual Reality Graphic User Interfaces.
Akriti Kaur, Pradeep Yammiyavar

Color Consistency of Specular Highlights in Consumer Cameras
John Lin, Mohamed Tamaazousti, Souheil Hadj Said, Alexandre Morgand

Data Visualization versus Data Perception
Shamima Yasmin 

Direct Retinal Signals for Virtual Environments
Eero Koskinen, Ismo Rakkolainen, Roope Raisamo

Do you feel what you see? Multimodal perception in virtual reality
Daniel Hepperle, Matthias Wölfel


Acoustical Manipulation for Redirected Walking
Tobias Feigl, Eliise Köre, Christopher Mutschler, Michael Philippsen 

Real-time Wall Outline Extraction for Redirected Walking
Christian Hirt, Markus Zank, Andreas Kunz 

Synthesis / Visualization / Geometry

A Multiple-View Geometric Model of Specularities on Non-Uniformly Curved Surfaces
Alexandre Morgand, Mohamed Tamaazousti, Adrien Bartoli 

Adaptive Method for 2.5D Scattered Point Approximation
Moon Sunghyun, Park Jihoon, Ko Kwang Hee 

ScattAR: a Mobile Augmented Reality Application that uses Scattering Delay Networks for Room Acoustic Synthesis
Alex Baldwin, Stefania Serafin, Cumhur Erkut 

HCI Input and Methods

Analysis of the User Experience in a 3D Gesture-based Supported Mobile VR Game
Abraham Georgiadis, Shahrouz Yousefi 

Emotionscapes: Mediating Spatial Experience to Enhance Emotional Awareness and Communication
Sinem Semsioglu, Yagmur Gokce, Asim Evren Yantac 

EyeExpression: Exploring the Use of Eye Expressions as an Input Modality
Pin-sung Ku, Te-Yen Wu, Paul Taele, Mike Chen 

Hand-Free Natural User Interface for VR HMD with IR based Facial Gesture tracking sensor
Jinhyuk Kim, Jaekwang Cha, Hojun Lee, Shiho Kim 

PeriText+: Utilizing Peripheral Vision for Reading Text on Augmented Reality Smart Glasses
Yu-Chih Lin, Jun-You Liu, Yu-Chian Wu, Pin-sung Ku, Katherine Chen, Te-Yen Wu, Yu-An Chen, Mike Chen 

Which Ranges of Intensities are More Perceptible for Non-Visual Vibro-Tactile Navigation On Touch-Screen Devices
Waseem Safi 

Games and Simulations

Augmented Invaders: A Mixed Reality Multiplayer Outdoor Game
Michael Bonfert, Melina Cahnbley, Inga Lehne, Ralf Morawe, Gabriel Zachmann, Johannes Schöning 

Augmented Reality System with Collision Response Simulation Using Measured Coefficient of Restitution of Real Objects
Ippei Takeuchi, Takafumi Koike

The Game of Flow - Cellular Automaton-based Fluid Simulation for Realtime Interaction
Christian Heintz, Moritz Grunwald, Sarah Edenhofer, Jörg Hähner, Sebastian von Mammen 

Avatars and Virtual Humans

Building a Hybrid Virtual Agent for Testing User Empathy and Arousal in Response to Avatar (Micro-)Expressions
Dooley Murphy  

The Impact of Avatar–Owner Visual Similarity on Body Ownership in Immersive Virtual Reality
Dongsik Jo, Kangsoo Kim, Gregory Welch, Woojin Jeon, Yongwan Kim, Ki-Hong Kim, Gerard Kim 

Real-time Avatar Animation Synthesis from Coarse Motion Input
Krzysztof Pietroszek, Phuc Pham, Sophia Rose, Liudmila Tahai, Irene Humer, Christian Eckhardt 

Towards Multimodal Interactions: Robot Jogging in Mixed Reality
Enrico Sita, Matthew Studley, Farid Dailami, Anthony Pipe 

Score-Based Recommendation for Efficiently Selecting Individual Virtual Agents in Multi-Agent Systems
Andrea Boensch, Robert Trisnadi, Jonathan Wendt, Tom Vierjahn, Torsten Kuhlen 

Collaborative Environments

GalVR: A Novel Collaboration Interface using GVS
Misha Sra, Xuhai Xu, Pattie Maes 

Integrating Performer into a Real-Time Augmented Reality Performance Spatially by using a Multi-sensory Props
Yanxiang Zhang, PengFei Ma, ZiQiang Zhu, Abassin Sourou Fangbemi 

Multi-Device Mixed Reality TV
Matthieu Fradet, Caroline Baillard, Vincent Alleaume, Pierrick Jouet, Anthony Laurent 

Multi-view VR system for co-located multidisciplinary collaboration and its application in ergonomic design
Bo Li, Ruding Lou, Javier Posselt, Frederic Merienne, Frederic Segonds, Andras Kemeny 


A Virtual Reality based Internet-of-Things (IoT) Framework for Micro Devices Assembly
Joe Cecil, Sadiq, Albuhamood, Avinash Gupta 

Diegetic Cues for Guiding the Viewer in Cinematic Virtual Reality
Sylvia Rothe, Heinrich Hussmann, Mathias Allary 

Enjoyable Carving with ChiselDevice in Mixed Reality Space
Takuya Yamamoto, Maho Kawagoe, Mai Otsuki, Fumihisa Shibata, Asako Kimura 

In Situ Editing (EiS) For Fulldomes
François Ubald Brien, Emmanuel Durand, Jérémie Soria, Michal Seta, Nicolas Bouillot 

ProjectDR: Augmented Reality System for Displaying Medical Images Directly onto a Patient
Ian Watts, Pierre Boulanger, Gregory Kawchuk 

Searching and Exploring Software Repositories in Virtual Reality
Juraj Vincur, Ivan Polasek, Pavol Navrat 

Using Virtual Reality for Scaffolding Computer Programming Learning
Gurjot Singh 

Training and Education Systems

Capturing Aboriginal Heritage in Virtual Reality
Tomas Trescak, Anton Bogdanovych 

“Drop the beat”: Virtual Reality based Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Panic Disorder – A Pilot Study
Seulki Min, Eunbi Seol, Sungho Seo, Seoyeon Jung, Jaedong Lee, Gerard Kim, Chungyean Cho, Seungmoo Lee, Chul-Hyun Cho, Seungmoon Choi

Immercity: Communicating about Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities
Nancy Rodriguez 

Immersive VR for Numerical Engagement
Soomin Kim 

VR Wildfire Prevention: Teaching Campfire Safety in a Gamified Immersive Environment
Jessica Vega, Sophia Rose, Christian Eckhardt, Irene Humer, Liudmila Tahai, Krzysztof Pietroszek 


(See demo overview for more details)

Scientific Demos

A Gaze-preserving Group Video Conference System using Screen-embedded Cameras
Kazuki Kobayashi, Takashi Komuro, Bo Zhang, Keiichiro Kagawa, and Shoji Kawahito

A playback tool for reviewing VR experiences
Thomas Lopez, Olivier Dumas, Fabien Danieau, Bertrand Leroy, Nicolas Mollet, and Jean-François Vial 

Cubely: Virtual Reality Block-based Programming Environment
Juraj Vincur, Martin Konopka, Jozef Tvarozek, Martin Hoang, and Pavol Navrat 

Gaze- and QoE-aware Video Streaming Solutions for Mobile VR
Pietro Lungaro, Konrad Tollmar, Ashutosh Mittal, and Alfredo José Fanghella Valero 

LabDesignAR: Configuring Multi-camera Motion Capture Systems in Augmented Reality
Mehmet Aydın Baytaş, Asım Evren Yantaç, and Morten Fjeld 

Solving Poisson's Equation on the Microsoft HoloLens
Anders Logg, Carl Lundholm, and Magne Nordaas 

The Interactive SoundScape Renderer for Loudspeaker- and Headphone-Based Spatial Sound Presentation
Jens Ahrens, Matthias Geier, Peter Bartz, and Sascha Spors 

The Smart Pin: A Novel Object Manipulation Technique for Immersive Virtual Environments
Fabio Marco Caputo, Marco Emporio, and Andrea Giachetti 

VEAAR - Virtual Environment for Archaeological Artefacts Restoration
Jiří Chmelík and Mikoláš Jurda 

Walkable Self-Overlapping Virtual Reality Maze and Map Visualisation Demo
Sule Serubugo, Denisa Skantarova, Nicolaj Evers, and Martin Kraus 

Design Demos

3D Gesture-Based Drawing Application for Mobile Platforms
Shahrouz Yousefi, Abraham Georgiadis, Yeray Real Delgado, Julio Chana, and Naresh Kant 

A Comparative Study of 2D and 3D Mobile Keypad User Interaction Preferences in Virtual Reality Graphic User Interfaces
Akriti Kaur and Pradeep Yammiyavar 

Augmenting a 3D print of a prostate to support physician-patient communication
Sebastian Weiß  

Touching The Void - An Approach of Tangible Virtual Reality Experience
Danli Hu 

Zelige Door on Golborne Road: a Multisensory Interface for Socially Engaged Art and Heritage Practice
Alda Terracciano, Mariza Dima, Marina Carulli, and Monica Bordegoni 

Industry Demos

EduChem VR – Gamifying Chemistry Education with VR
Jonas Boström 

How Virtual and Augmented Reality Can Improve Attention in the Classroom and Awaken a Student’s Curiosity for Learning
Nils Andersson 

Case study of the possibility to support challenges at Volvo GTT AMT with Virtual Reality
Per Andersson, Johan Anreasson, Björn Johansson, Liang Gong, and Mikael Andersson 

A novel VR tool for collaborative planning of manufacturing process change using point cloud data
Liang Gong, Jonatan Berglund, Dennis Saluäär, Björn Johansson

HiberVR - democratizing content creation for VR
Mattias Johansson