Industry Sessions

11/28 Wed 16:45 〜

Opening Keynote By Bandai Namco

As devices evolve, we witness the growth of various contents in the field of virtual reality.
VR has been employed in many industries, and we would like to introduce the development of VR contents and designs that deliver more dynamic and realistic, highly-immersive experiences for audiences, from the perspective of entertainment that the Bandai Namco group has been involved with.
Additionally, we will talk about what VR can achieve in regards to entertainment by showcasing our related technologies including projection mapping and MR.

11/29 Thu 16:20 〜

Industry Session By Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

11/29 Thu 16:40 〜

Industry Session By FORUM8 Co., Ltd

11/29 Thu 17:00 〜

Industry Session By SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

11/30 Fri 15:50 〜

Polyphony Digital Inc.

11/30 Fri 16:10 〜

CyberAgent, Inc.

Industry Sessions Schedule

Chairman: Shigeo Morishima
11/28 16:45 〜 Bandai Namco
Yukiharu Tamiya, Hirofumi Motoyama
The impact of VR on entertainment
11/29 16:20 〜 Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Shinji Chiba
Microsoft HoloLens - A technology to change common sense
11/29 16:40 〜 FORUM8 Co., Ltd
Shyam sunder Sirimalla
Application examples of 3D real-time VR software UC-win / Road
11/29 17:00 〜 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
Hirofumi Kawai
Visual Works Showcase
11/30 15:50 〜 Polyphony Digital Inc.
Ren Yasuda
The Technology Behind Gran Turismo: VR, Ray Tracing, and More
11/30 16:10 〜 CG Changer,inc (CyberAgent)
Naoki Ashida