About VRST 2013 
About VRST2013

The 19th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST2013) was held by the Institute for Media Innovation (IMI), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) from 6-8 October 2013 on the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus. The event was sponsored by ACM SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH.


The VRST 2013 is over. We thank all attendees for their support.

This year two best paper awards were given for excellent publications.

Best Paper Award (the recipient with the chairs)
Naoki Sasaki; Hsiang-Ting Chen; Daisuke Sakamoto; Takeo Igarashi for
"Facetons: Face Primitives with Adaptive Bounds for Architecture Building in Virtual Environment"

Best Paper Award (the recipient with the chairs)
Cyprien Pindat; Emmanuel Pietriga; Olivier Chapuis; Claude Puech for
"Drilling into Complex 3D Models with Gimlenses"

(the recipients with the chairs)
Congratulation to the awarded authors!

VRST2013 provides a great opportunity to interact with leading experts, share your own work, and educate yourself through exposure to the research of your peers from around the world. We seek original research full papers and short papers covering topics including, but not limited to:

  • VR Systems and Toolkits
  • Computer Graphics Techniques for VR
  • Immersive Projection Technology
  • Advanced Display Technology
  • Tele-operation and Tele-presence
  • Performance Testing & Evaluation
  • Interaction Techniques
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Real-Time Rendering
  • Real-Time Physics-based Modeling
  • Tracking and Sensing
  • Avatars and Virtual Humans in VR
  • Natural Interface
  • Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • Multi-user and Distributed VR
  • Ergonomics
  • Haptics / Audio Interface
  • Applications of VR, such as Training Systems and Serious Games
  • 3D Interaction for VR
  • Perception Study in VR Environment
  • Presence and Cognition

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