In addition to the full and short paper tracks, VRST 2012 will include a poster and demonstration (demo) track. Posters are intended to showcase early work (in-progress) and/or preliminary (or late- breaking) results and provide authors the opportunity for authors to engage in discussion regarding their work and to obtain feedback regarding work that has not been previously published. Demos provide an interactive way for authors to demonstrate their work whether it is in the early stages or more advanced. Poster and demo submissions are both restricted to a maximum of one page and will appear in the VRST 2012 conference proceedings and the ACM Digital Library.

Poster and demo submissions must conform to the ACM style guidelines. Templates are available from:

Poster and demo submissions are to be made via the VRST 2012 submission site:


Specific details regarding poster requirements (e.g., size) will be made available via the VRST conference website. Posters should follow good poster design guidelines” (e.g., avoid simply reproducing the text of the poster paper on to the poster, avoid excessive text, etc.). At a later date, accepted poster authors will also be required to submit a copy of their poster. An example poster and corresponding one-page paper is available via the SIGGRAPH website:


Demo submissions must also include an additional page that provides information regarding the requirements for the demo (e.g., table, chair, power, wired or wireless network, etc.).

Demo submissions must also include a video of demo which should show both an "inside view" of the demo (especially for immersive demos) as well as an "outside view" of the demo to show the setup and to see how it looks for a bystander.


Dec 10-12, 2012

Toronto, Canada



Important Deadlines for Posters & demos

Submission Deadline:    

Sept. 30, 2012


Oct. 5, 2012

Final Submission:           

Oct. 9, 2012

Submission Site:

POSTER/DEMO co-chairs:

  1. Bill Kapralos,
    University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Canada

  2. Faisal Qureshi
    University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Canada

Contact e-mail:

Organizing chair:

  1. Mark Green,
    University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Canada

Program Committee:

  1. Roland Blach
    Fraunhofer, Germany

  2. Wolfgang Broll
    TU Ilmenau, Germany

  3. Gery Casiez
    University of Lille, France

  4. Pablo Figueroa
    Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

  5. Rainer Herpers
    Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

  6. Andrew Hogue
    University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

  7. Gudrun Klinker
    Technical University of Munich, Germany

  8. Manfred Lau
    Lancaster University, UK

  9. Jean-Luc Lugrin
    Teesside University, UK

  10. Dirk Reiners
    University of Louisiana, Lafayette, USA

  11. Frank Steinicke
    University of Würzburg, Germany

  12. Evan Suma
    University of Southern California, USA

  13. Rob Teather
    York University, Toronto, Canada

  14. Robert van Liere
    Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  15. Chad Wingrave
    University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA

  16. Gabriel Zachman
    Clausthal University, Germany

Call for posters & Demonstrations