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Wayne Piekarski - Development Manager at Worldviz LLC


In this presentation, I will outline a number of different systems which have been developed for both entertainment and education purposes, starting first with prototypes, and then systems that are actually being used in the real world.

I will firstly describe some of the mobile outdoor augmented reality systems that I have had a part in developing at the University of South Australia: Tinmith and ARQuake.

Tinmith is a 3D modelling system that allows users to go outside and create and interact with 3D content in real-time. ARQuake allows users to go outside and play first person games in an outdoor environment. I will describe some of the challenges in constructing and using these systems outdoors.

Next, I will describe some of the systems that we have developed at Worldviz which are in use by customers in real-world situations right now.

We believe that virtual reality has a wide range of uses in training users, treating phobias, and learning about a user's perception of the world. I will discuss some of these applications and how they are used.

About the Speaker

photo: wayne piekarski


Wayne Piekarski is currently the Development Manager at Worldviz LLC in Santa Barbara, California.

Worldviz develops the Vizard virtual reality toolkit, the PPT wide-area optical tracking system, and also complete VR system integrations for architecture, automotive, defence, engineering, and science applications.

Wayne was previously the Assistant Director of the Wearable Computer Lab at the University of South Australia, and maintains an adjunct position at the University.

He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science for his dissertation titled "Interactive 3D Modelling in Outdoor Augmented Reality Worlds", and also has a BE in Computer Systems Engineering.

His research interests include mobile outdoor augmented reality, 3D user interfaces and input devices, and computer graphics.

Wayne was the developer of the Tinmith outdoor modelling system, and also part of the team that developed the ARQuake outdoor game.

Wayne was also the general co-chair for the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality in 2006, and has served on a wide range of international program committees.