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Gerard Kim - Korea University


In this panel, I will introduce major (e.g. center level) activities in virtual/mixed reality, human computer interaction, computer graphics and other related areas in the Asian region.

I will also introduce the prospect of digital contents industry (which includes VR and MR) and the current Korean government attitude/policy toward it as an engine for future economic growth.

About the Speaker

photo: gerard kim


Gerard (Gerry) Kim received his PhD in Computer Science at USC. In2006, he joined Korea Univesity as an associate professor. Prior to that, he had been a professor at POSTECH, Korea for nearly 10 years.

His research interest is in virtual and mixed reality and human computer interaction, especially in 3D multimodal interaction, presence, and VR/MR authoring tools. He has authored a book, "Designing Virtual Reality Systems: The Structured Approach" published by Spirnger Verlag in 2005.