Advance Program


Time Table

Day 1: Nov. 6 (Sun)
NPS Campus - Room Quarterdeck
NPS Campus - Room Quarterdeck

Day 2: Nov. 7 (Mon)
Opening Session
08:00-08:15Welcome and Instructions
Gurminder Singh and Rynson Lau
08:15-09:30Keynote: Art and Technology in Interface Devices
Prof. Hiroo Iwata, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Paper Session 1: Collaboration and Cooperation - I
10:00-10:30LONG: AMMP-Vis: A Collaborative Virtual Environment for Molecular Modeling
Jeffrey W. Chastine et al, Georgia State University
10:30-11:00LONG: A 2D-3D Integrated Environment for Cooperative Work
Kiyoshi Kiyokawa et al, Osaka University
11:00-11:30LONG: First-person Experience and Usability of Co-located Interaction in a Projection-based Virtual Environment
Andreas Simon, Sascha Scholz, Fraunhofer IMK

Paper Session 2: Human Performance in Virtual Spaces
12:30-13:00LONG: Human Performance in Space Telerobotic Manipulation
Philip Lamb, Dean Owen, University of Canterbury
13:00-13:30LONG: Mixed-Dimension Interaction in Virtual Environments
Rudolph P. Darken, Naval Postgraduate School
13:30-14:00LONG: Effects of Information Layout, Screen Size, and Field of View on User Performance in Information-Rich Virtual Environments
Nicholas F. Polys, Doug A. Bowman, Seonho Kim, Virginia Tech
14:00-14:12SHORT: A Novel Framework for Athlete Training Based on Interactive Motion Editing and Silhouette Analysis
Shihong Xia et al, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS. Beijing
14:12-14:24SHORT: An integrated system: Virtual Reality, Haptics and Modern Sensing Technique (VHS) for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
Shih-Ching Ye, University of Southern California

Paper Session 3: Collaboration and Cooperation - II
15:00-15:30LONG: Telepresence support for Synchronous Distance Education
Helmuth Trefftz, Helmuth Trefftz, Eafit University
15:30-16:00LONG: Myriad: Scalable VR via Peer-to-peer Connectivity, PC Clustering, and Transient Inconsistency
Benjamin Schaeffer et al, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
16:00-16:12SHORT: Quantifying the Benefits of Immersion for Collaboration in Virtual Environments
Michael Narayan et al, Virginia Tech
16:12-16:24SHORT: Scalable Interest Management for Multidimensional Routing Space
Elvis S. Liu et al, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Day 3: Nov. 8 (Tue)
Paper Session 4: Interaction and Design - I
08:00-08:30LONG: Towards Keyboard Independent Touch Typing in VR
Falko Kuester et al, University of California
08:30-09:00LONG: A Layout Framework for 3D User Interfaces
Mark Green, Wai Leng Lee, City University of Hong Kong
09:00-09:12SHORT: Laser Pointer Interaction With Tiled Displays
Benjamin A Ahlborn et al, University of California, Davis
09:12-09:24SHORT: A 6-DOF User Interface for Grasping in VR-based Computer Aided Styling and Design
Frank-Lothar Krause et al., Fraunhofer IPK
09:24-09:36SHORT: A Swarm Algorithm for Wayfinding in Dynamic Virtual Worlds
Ji Soo Yoon, Mary Lou Maher, University of Sydney

Paper Session 5: Interaction and Design - II
10:10-10:40LONG: Cognitive Comparison of 3D Interaction in Front of Large vs. Small Displays
Florence Tyndiuk, Thomas Gwenola, Véronique Lespinet-Najib, Université Bordeaux
10:40-11:10LONG: A Low Cost and Accurate Guidance System for Laparoscopic Surgery: Validation on an abdominal phantom
S.A. Nicolau, L. Goffin, L. Soler, J. Marescaux, IRCAD
11:10-11:22SHORT: BallonProbe: Reducing Occlusion in 3D using Interactive Space Distortion
Niklas Elmqvist, Chalmers University of Technology
11:22-11:34SHORT: Projective Slice for a Dynamic Steering Task
Pierre Salom et al, ENSEIRB

Invited Talk
13:00-14:15Graphics: From a 100x Data Expansion to a 100x Compression Function
Dr. Eng Lim Goh, Senior VP and CTO, SGI

Paper Session 6: Virtual World Content Creation & Management - I
14:45-14:57SHORT: Rapid Part-Based 3D Modeling
Ismail Oner Sebe et al, Integrated Media Systems Center, Los Angeles
14:57-15:09SHORT: Rapid Scene Modelling, Alignment and Specification for Mixed Reality Systems
Russell Freeman, Anthony Steed, Bin Zhou, University College London
15:09-15:21SHORT: Modeling Landscape with Ridges and Rivers
Fares Belhadj, Pierre Audibert, Paris 8 University
15:21-15:33SHORT: Artistic Reality: Fast Brush Stroke Stylization for Augmented Reality
Jan Fischer, Dirk Bartz, Wolfgang Straßer, University of Tübingen
15:33-15:45SHORT: DiReC -- Distributing the Render Cache to PC-Clusters for Interactive Environments
Nils Beck, André Hinkenjann, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences
15:45-15:57SHORT: Computing Inverse Kinematics with Linear Programming
Shu Lim Ho et al, City University of Hong Kong

Day 4: Nov. 9 (Wed)
Paper Session 7: Virtual World Content Creation & Management - II
08:00-08:30LONG: Dynamic Creation of Interactive Mixed Reality Presentations
Krzysztof Walczak, Rafal Wojciechowski, The Poznan University of Economics
08:30-09:00LONG: Integrated levels of detail
Georgios Stylianou, Yiorgos Chrysanthou, Cyprus College
09:00-09:30LONG: Generating Enhanced Natural Environments and Terrain for Interactive Combat Simulations (GENETICS)
William David Wells, Naval Postgraduate School

Paper Session 8: Spatial Tracking, Haptics & Hardware
10:00-10:30LONG: Real Time Tracking of High Speed Movements in the Context of a Table Tennis Application
Stephan Rusdorf, Guido Brunnett, Chemnitz University of Technology
10:30-11:00LONG: A General Method for Comparing the Expected Performance of Tracking and Motion Capture Systems
B. Danette Allen, Gregory F. Welch, UNC Chapel Hill
11:00-11:30LONG: Object Deformation and Force Feedback for Virtual Chopsticks
Yoshifumi Kitamura et al, Osaka University
11:30-11:42SHORT: Search and Transitioning for Motion Captured Sequences
S. K. Basu et al, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
11:42-11:54SHORT: Laser Scanning for the Interactive Walk-through FogScreen
Ismo Rakkolainen, Tampere University of Technology
11:54-12:06SHORT: POLAR: Portable, Optical see-through, Low-cost Augmented Reality
Alex Olwal, Tobias Höllerer, University of California, Santa Barbara
12:06-12:18SHORT: Experiences in Driving a Cave with IBM Scalable Graphics Engine-3 (SGE-3) Prototypes
Prabhat, Samuel G. Fulcomer, Brown University

Paper Session 9: Virtual People & Scalable Worlds
13:30-14:00LONG: Efficient Compression and Delivery of Stored Motion Data for Avatar Animation in Resource Constrained Devices
Siddhartha Chattopadhyay, Suchendra M. Bhandarkar, Kang Li, The University of Georgia
14:00-14:30LONG: Simulating Virtual Crowds in Emergency Situations
Adriana Braun et al, University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos
14:30-14:42SHORT: Motion Normalization: the Preprocess of Motion Data
Yan Gao et al, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
14:42-14:54SHORT: Automatic Generation of Personalized Human Avatars from Multi_view Video
Naveed Ahmed et al, MPI Informatik



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