ACM Symposium on
Virtual Reality Software and Technology 2002

November 11-13, 2002
Hong Kong, China



Advance Program
(Hotel Nikko - a PC is set up for presentation)

  Sunday November 10, 2002
  16:00 - Start of Registration
  18:00 (welcome reception: coffee/tea/snacks)
    Hotel Nikko, Grand Ballroom Foyer
  Monday November 11, 2002
  8:30 Registration/Coffee
  9:00 Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ryohei Nakatsu

"Immersive Computing: Integration of Technology and Contents for the New Human-Computer Communications"
CEO, Nirvana Technology Inc.
Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

  10:00 Coffee
  10:15 Real-time Rendering

Time-critical Rendering of Discrete and Continuous Levels of Detail
C. Zach, S. Mantler, K. Karner

Light Field Duality: Concept and Applications
G. Chen, L. Hong, K. Ng, P. McGuinness, Christian Hofsetz, Yang Liu, Nelson Max

Selective Quality Rendering by Exploiting Human Inattentional Blindness: Looking but not Seeing
K. Cater, A. Chalmers, P. Ledda

Accelerated Rendering of Virtual Environments Based on Polygonal & Point-based Models
W. Zheng, H. Sun, H. Bao, Q. Peng

  12:15 Lunch
  13:30 Modeling/Simulation

Template-Based Generation of Road Networks in Virtual City Modeling
J. Sun, G. Baciu , X. Yu , M. Green

Modeling Virtual Object Behavior within Virtual Environment
G. A. Lee, G. J. Kim, C. Park

Complex Deformable Objects in Virtual Reality
Y. Kang, H. Cho

  15:00 Coffee
  15:15 Applications

Application and Taxonomy of Through-The-Lens Techniques
S. L. Stoev, D. Schmalstieg

Spatialized Audio Rendering for Immersive Virtual Environments
M. Naef, O. Staadt, M. Gross

Tour Into the Video: Image-based Navigation Scheme for Video Sequences of Dynamic Scenes
H. W. Kang, S. Y. Shin

  Tuesday November 12, 2002
  8:30 Registration/Coffee
  9:00 Keynote Speaker: Prof. Enhua Wu

"Challenge of Highly Detail Object Modeling and Illumination Calculation in Virtual Reality"
Institute of Software, CAS, Beijing
University of Macau

  10:00 Coffee
  10:15 Interaction

Real-time Haptic Sculpting in Virtual Volume Space
H. Chen, H. Sun

Implementing Flexible Rules of Interaction for Object Manipulation in Cluttered Virtual Environments
R. A. Ruddle, J. CD Savage, D. M Jones

DEMIS: A Dynamic Event Model for Interactive Systems
H. Jiang, G. D. Kessler, J. Nonnemaker

Towards Intuitive Exploration Tools for Data Visualization in VR
G. de Haan, M. Koutek, F. H. Post

  12:15 Lunch

Collision Detection


A Collision Detection Method for Deformable Objects
R.W.H. Lau, O. Chan, M. Luk, F. Li

Minimal Hierarchical Collision Detection
G. Zachmann

Hardware-Assisted Self-Collision for Deformable Surfaces
G. Baciu, W. Wong

  15:00 Coffee
  15:15 Graphics/Image-based Algorithms

The Randomized Sample Tree: A Data Structure for Interactive Walkthroughs in Externally Stored Virtual Environments
J. Klein, J. Krokowski, M. Fischer, M. Wand, R. Wanka, F. M. auf der Heide

LAM : Luminance Attenuation Map for Photometric Uniformity in Projection Based Displays
A. Majumder, R. Stevens

The Global Occlusion Map: A New Occlusion Culling Approach
W. Hua, H. Bao, Q. Peng , A.R. Forrest

  18:30 Conference Banquet
    ( New World Renaissance Hotel )
  Wednesday November 13, 2002
  8:30 Registration/Coffee

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Daniel J. Sandin


"Shared Virtual Reality Environments Utilizing Very High Speed Networks"
Director, Electronic Visualization Laboratory
The University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

  10:00 Coffee
  10:15 Distributed/Collaborative Virtual Environments

A Multi-Server Architecture for Distributed Virtual Walkthrough
B. Ng, A. Si, R. Lau, F. Li

Cooperative Object Manipulation in Immersive Virtual Environments: Framework and Techniques
M. S. Pinho , D. Bowman, C. Freitas

Deployment Issues for Multi-User Audio Support in Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs)
M. Radenkovic, C. Greenhalgh, S. Benford

  12:15 Lunch
  13:30 Hybrid VR

Placing Three-Dimensional Models in an Uncalibrated Single Image of an Architectural Scene
S. Keren, I. Shimshoni, A. Tal

Real Space-based Virtual Studio~Seamless Synthesis of a Real Set Image with a Virtual Set Image~
Y. Yamanouchi, H. Mitsumine, T. Fukaya, M. Kawakita, S. Inoue, N. Yagi

A Manipulation Environment of Virtual and Real Objects using a Magnetic Metaphor
Y. Kitamura, S. Ogata, F. Kishino

  15:00 Coffee